Spray Foam Roofing Newark, Ohio

Spray foam roofing can provide your roof with superior protection. Spray foam roofing is also known as SPF. Although SPF actually stands for spray polyurethane foam-based roofing, it can also stand for Superior Protection From. Let’s look at the ways your roof will be protected when you choose spray foam roofing in Newark, Ohio. If you’d like to learn more about SPF roofing, or to schedule your free roofing assessment call E & E Construction today at 740-331-0695.

SPF Means Superior Protection From Leaks

SPF roofing provides a seamless, waterproof barrier that keeps moisture out and helps prevent leaks.  It is one of the most cost-effective waterproofing roofing solutions available. One of the things that makes spray foam roofing waterproof is its closed-cell insulation properties which also means that it does not absorb water.

SPF Means Superior Protection From Energy Loss

SPF roofing has the highest insulation value of any roofing on the market. The insulation value of spray foam roofing is R6.5 per inch which will result in exceptional energy savings. This insulation value paired with its closed-cell properties means that you could save significantly on both your heating and cooling costs each year. At E & E Construction, we use high-quality, sustainable, Conklin roofing systems so that you know your roof will last and you can be proud to be doing your part to be environmentally responsible.

SPF Means Superior Protection From Expensive and Time-Consuming Repairs

Repairs to SPF roofing systems are inexpensive and quick and, once applied, spray foam roofing can be recoated again making it an economical and sustainable roofing solution.

SPF roofing provides SUPERIOR PROTECTION FROM leaks, energy loss, and costly repairs and also strengthens your entire structure without adding extra weight. E & E Construction offers repair, restoration, and replacement of all types of commercial roofing and we have been providing affordable, green roofing solutions to clients for more than a decade. Call us today for a roof evaluation and to hear more about spray foam roofing in Newark, Ohio, at 740-331-0695.