Single-Ply Roofing Westerville, OH

If you have a commercial building, there is a good chance that it is protected by single-ply roofing. This common commercial roof type has many great attributes. Single-ply roofing is cost-effective, durable, and easily restorable. E&E Construction is ready to take on new single-ply roofing projects in Westerville, OH. Get in touch with us today at (740) 331 – 0695 to schedule a free roof inspection.

Commercial Roofing Specialists

Single-ply roofing is most commonly used on commercial buildings. Therefore, it is those who specialize in commercial roofing that have had the most experience working with these types of roofs. E&E Construction is made up of a hard-working team of experienced roofers. We’ve been solving roof problems together for over 10 years now!

Types Of Single-Ply Roofing

There are three main types of single-ply roofing: TPO, PVC, and EPDM. E&E Construction works with them all. No matter what type of service your roof needs, our roofing specialists have you covered. If you need a new roof installed, we’ll let you know what type of single-ply roofing we would recommend for your specific building and preferences.

Our Services

E&E Construction has a long history of taking on all sorts of commercial roofing projects. We are loyal to our customers and like to be there for them whenever their roof needs a service. That’s why we are happy to offer roof repairs, roof maintenance, roof coatings, roof replacements, and more! After we inspect your roof, we will determine the best route to take and suggest one of our cost-effective roofing services.

E&E Construction provides exceptional commercial roofing services at great prices. Plus, our customer service helps each project run smoothly. We communicate well with clients which leads to optimal project results. Simply put, we do everything in our power to help people get longer-lasting roofs!

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E&E Construction continues to earn the trust of more clients in Westerville, OH. People appreciate our thorough roofing services and our dedication to providing complete customer satisfaction. When you need assistance from single-ply roofing experts, give us a call at (740) 331 – 0695.