Single-Ply Roofing Chillicothe, OH

There is no doubting that single-ply roofing is one of the most affordable roofing solutions on the market. E&E Construction handles a wide array of single-ply roofing services, including restoration, replacements, and repairs. Customers in Chillicothe, Ohio should contact us today at (740)-331-0695 to get a free onsite roof inspection and estimate.

Eco-Friendly Roofing Systems

Several different types of single-ply roofing are considered eco-friendly. Rubber Roofing for example, can be recycled fully. Meanwhile, other types of single-ply roofing, like TPO and PVC, can be effective at making your building more energy-efficient. At E&E Construction, we pride ourselves on only using ENERGY STAR certified single-ply roofing solutions, like solutions through Conklin, our manufacturer of choice. Conklin is one of the most reputable roofing manufactures for commercial products in the US. With the top roofing products and our high-quality craftsmanship, you won’t be steered the wrong way with E&E Construction.

Roof Coatings

Now that we mention eco-friendly, roof coatings work great on single-ply roofing. If you are contemplating replacing your single-ply roof, you should look into how effective a roof coating would be on your roof. At E&E Construction we are very skilled at applying seamless roof coatings that keep your roof waterproof and reflect the suns UV rays so your building won’t be so hot.

Repairing Single-Ply Roofs

If your single-ply roof has a leak, the highly trained team at E&E Construction won’t let a leak pass our sight. Our team can inspect your commercial roof to check for any issues, these include seam separation, any punctures or holes in your roof’s membrane, and loose flashing. Our thorough repairs will have your single-ply roof fully waterproof again, just like it was when you had it installed the first time.

If you want to get the absolute most out of your roof, consider getting plans for maintenance. At E&E Construction we will personalize maintenance plans to fit your roofs issues. With normal check-ups from us, your roof can last decades longer. When you hire our team, you will be able to trust us to take care of your roof.

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E&E Construction is the best option for customers in Chillicothe, Ohio. If you would like to hire us to take care of your roof contact us today at (740)-331-0695.