Roof Inspection Newark, Ohio

Sometimes, disaster strikes and your commercial roof is the target. Filing a claim and speaking with your insurance company can be confusing and complicated. At E & E Construction, we can perform your roof inspection and also work with your insurance company on your behalf. If you need help with your insurance claim and a roof inspection in Newark, Ohio, give us a call today at 740-331-0695.

Whether your roof has water damage, storm or wind damage, or damages from a fire, the first step in getting your roof fixed is to know the full extent of the damage. Roof inspections let you know exactly what’s going on with your roof. They give you an accurate and current depiction of every detail of your roof so that you can make informed decisions about your roof.

An insurance adjuster will perform an inspection as well, but having a roofing expert with years of experience in roofing issues also inspect your roof will ensure that nothing gets missed. Once your inspection is complete, you will be given a detailed list of all of the findings and an estimate for the cost of repairs.

Many insurance claims are wrongfully denied, costing business owners thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair expenses. While getting your own roof inspection done is one way to prevent those expenses from occurring, a past history of regular inspections can also help when it comes time to file a claim.

During your roof inspection in Newark, Ohio,  photos of your roof will be taken, and a detailed report assessing your roof condition will be made. This inspection report will provide full documentation of the shape that your roof was in before the disaster occurred. This documentation then becomes a powerful source of proof and eliminates any discrepancies that may arise with your insurance claim.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Scheduling your roof inspection now will let you know what’s going on with your roof and provide you with concrete evidence of your roof’s condition should you ever need it. Call E & E Construction now at 740-331-0695 for your roofing inspection.