Roof Inspection – Middletown, OH

A roof inspection is such a simple way to help your roof succeed and when you have the number for the roofing professionals at E&E Construction, you can rest easy knowing you have nothing to lose with our no cost, no obligation roof inspections! We offer free roof inspections throughout Middletown, OH because we know the true value of knowing your roof’s condition. Ohio is beautiful and has much to offer, but our weather can be troublesome for our roofs and if left to sit and fester, this can be detrimental for your roof, your building, and your budget. Don’t let your troubled roof sit, reach out to us at (740) 331 – 0695 and schedule your free roof inspection today!

At E&E Construction, we follow industry guidelines and recommend having your commercial roof inspected at least twice each year. Typically, having your roof inspected in the fall and spring will help you catch any issues early on. It’s also ideal to have your roof inspected following any major weather event as fallen trees and other debris can cause major problems when left to sit. With our free inspections, you’ve got nothing to lose and much to gain, our roofers are here for you and we will continue to work for you to help your roof succeed. Trust your roof to the team that cares, E&E Construction has friendly, professional roofers ready when you need us!

Stay Worry Free!

Because we have seen the many advantages of regular inspections and preventative maintenance, we also offer customizable roof maintenance plans. These plans can be custom tailored to fit your budget and needs perfectly while ensuring your roof gets the care it needs at the right times. When you have your roof set up on our maintenance plans, you won’t have to worry about when to call on us again! We’ll have your roof on the schedule for inspection when needed and make sure it gets what it needs to last!

Schedule Your Free Inspection Today!

That’s right, your free, professional roof inspection is just a phone call away! When you need a roofing professional you can trust in Middletown, OH, E&E Construction is the team to call. Give us a call at (740) 331 – 0695 and you can rest easy knowing your roof will be in the finest hands around.