Roof Inspection Akron, OH

At E&E Construction, we would suggest getting your roof inspected a couple times a year. Even if there are no issues you can see, some of them will go undetected. Eventually, the undetected problems might cause lots of harm to your roof. However, with frequent roof inspections our team has the ability to find any problem in your roof. to learn more about our services you can call us at (740)-331-0695.

Protective Roofing Services

Being careful with your roof will allow you to save tons of money. Getting your roof inspected helps with this. Regular roof inspections will stop big problems from popping up. This will help your roof last much longer and is much cheaper.

At E&E Construction we are able to customize our roofing solutions to perfectly tailored for your roof. Our custom maintenance plans are able to double your roofs lifetime. Having a replacement can get expensive and disruptive so keeping your roofs existing condition is better.

Why Choose E&E Construction

Our team has 10 years of experience in the roofing industry. Our team has the experience to provide you with the best roof inspections and any other roofing services you may need. We will provide services for little repairs or full replacements; our team will do it all. We have a terrific reputation in our area for our exceptional professionalism and craftsmanship.

Roof Restorations

As your roof ages, leaks will start popping up more frequently. By having restorations done, your roof will be back in the shape it was when you first got it. You will also have a decade free of leaks. Restorations are another solution that save you lots of money. This is because they are cheaper than a replacement or getting repairs frequently. By getting one of our coatings it will make your building energy efficient.

Call Us Today

It doesn’t matter if you need an inspection or coating our team will do it. They have been helping clients in Akron, OH and other surrounding cities for 10 years. You can call us now at (740)-331-0695 and have our team inspect your roof for free.