Roof Coating – Jackson, OH

If you’re wondering if now’s the time to have a roof coating applied to your commercial roof in Jackson, OH, chances are the answer is yes! The roofing professionals at E&E Construction specialize in restoring commercial roofs, if we can improve the condition of your commercial roof and help extend its life, you can believe we will get it done! Reach out to our team today at (740) 331 – 0695, we offer free roof inspections throughout the area and we’ll make sure your roof gets what it needs before the cold of winter is here!

No matter the type of roof you have atop your building, you can be sure our team is ready to handle things appropriately. We customize our services and solutions to better fit your roofing needs. When you call on us to apply a roof coating, we will complete a thorough inspection first to ensure any issues are properly resolved before we apply your fresh roof coating. Without this crucial step, issues on your roof could simply be covered up and left to sit causing larger problems soon down the road. Know every necessary step is being taken when you put your roof in our hands!

Only the Best

At E&E Construction, we know just one reason our customers continue to trust their roofs to us is because we are committed to bringing you and your roof only the highest quality products around. We use Conklin® roofing products for our roof coating and restoration services and we’re sure you’ll love the incredible benefits you see long into the future with these outstanding products. They’ve been proving their success for decades and we’re proud to know we’re offering you the finest materials available.

Call Today

Find out if your roof is ready for a roof coating today. Call E&E Construction at (740) 331 – 0695 and rest easy knowing you’re working with the friendliest roofing professionals in the Jackson, OH area! We bring honest and affordable roofing solutions that will help you get a long, successful life from yours, don’t wonder if your roof’s in the condition it needs to be in before winter hits, schedule an inspection today!