Roof Coating Gahanna, OH

The roofers at E&E Construction have tons of experience in coating commercial roofs. After only one coating, it can add 10 more years to your roofs lifetime. Having a roof coating can also help in saving you money and time. We provide coatings to businesses in Gahanna, OH and the neighboring cities. You can call us today at (740)-331-0695. When you are on the phone with our customer service they will help set up times for our roofers to evaluate your roof.

Saving Money

Having constant repairs on your roof is not a good thing for your roof, especially whenever coatings fix this issue quickly. At some point you will have to make the decision to either have a restoration or replace your roof. Roof restorations will give your roof more benefits other than replacements. One benefit is that a roof coating is a lot more cost effective than replacements. Another benefit is that coatings will keep your roof waterproof for another decade. The top layer on our membranes are seamless that will help the current state of your roof. This will help in preventing leaks from occurring. Coatings also aren’t as noisy as replacements are.

An Eco Friendly Solution

Our coatings cover the entirety of your roof. Our membranes also have a reflective exterior that will help in defending your roof from anything. Once we install our coatings you will start to see your energy bills decrease. Your bills will be decreasing by at least 33%.

Replacing Your Roof

Once our roofers inspect your roof, they will talk to you about what they think is the superior decision that you should go with. Rarely a replacement will be a smarter decision over the years. Lots of the time a restoration will be the smartest option. Since most people won’t want to have a replacement our crew makes the process as easy as coatings. Our roofers offer you with the lowest possible price we can.

Contact Us Today

Feel free to reach out to our customer service at (740)-331-0695 and our crew will evaluate your roof free of charge.