Roof Coating Dublin, OH

The contractors at E&E Construction are extremely experienced in roof restorations. Just a single coating will add at least 10 more years to your roofs existence. A coating will end up saving you huge amounts of your time and money. We offer coatings for companies in the Dublin, OH area. You are able to contact us at (740)-331-0695 to schedule a time for one of our contractors to inspect your roof.

Save Your Money

Having repairs done constantly is a waste of money especially because you can have a roof coating done to fix the issue. Over time you will have to choose between having a restoration or having your roof completely replaced. Restorations have a lot more benefits than a replacement. One example is roof coatings are extremely cheaper than a replacement. Additionally, a coating gives you 10 more years of having a watertight roof. The seamless membrane we have will enhance the current condition of your roof. A coating will also help with preventing leaks from popping up. Finally, coatings are more silent than a replacement.

A “Green” Solution

Our coatings will cover your entire roof. The reflective surface on our membranes will defend against all of natures elements. Once our coating is installed you should see a drop in your energy bills approximately 33%. This will pay for itself over time.

Replacing Your Roof

Once our contractors have inspected your roof they will talk with you about what is needed for your roof. Occasionally a replacement will be a smarter option than a restoration. Other times restorations are the better choice. Most of the time people don’t like the idea of replacing their roof, but our contractors will make the process as easy as they can. Our roofing professionals will offer a replacement at the smallest price they can offer to you.

Call Us Today

Restoring your roof will help your roof have a longer life and you won’t be hurting for a replacement in the future. Call us today at (740)-331-0695 and one of our contractors will inspect your roof for free.