Roof Coating, Dayton OH

For more than a decade, E&E Construction Company has been providing the best in commercial roofing services to business owners and facility managers in and around Dayton, Ohio. What if we told you we provide a service that can essentially waterproof your roof and add decades of reliability to its service life, all at the faction of the cost of replacing it?

It’s not too good to be true – E&E specializes in restorative roof coatings, also called fluid applied roofing systems, monolithic membranes, or seamless roofing. If the roof of your commercial or industrial facility is in disrepair or showing signs of its age, call the expert at E&E Construction at (740) 331-0695 and let us walk you through your options.

Advantages of Commercial Roof Coatings

There are many different brands and formulas of roof coatings out there, but in general, they all provide the following, basic benefits:

1) Cools your building and reduces energy consumption.

Nearly all roof coatings are white and/or reflective, meaning they bounce back at least some of the sun’s rays. This can lower your roof temperature by dozens of degrees, keeping your building cooler, reducing strain on HVAC equipment, and dropping utility bills.

2) Increases energy efficiency.

Having a professional install a high quality roof coating can increase your building’s ENERGY STAR rating, possibly qualifying you for tax rebates.

3) Strengthens your roof against leaks.

Coatings create a seamless, watertight barrier against rain, ice, moisture, and other elements that may cause a leak. If you find yourself constantly making small repairs due to leaks, coating the entire roof maybe the right answer.

4) Extends the service life of the roof.

If your commercial roof is in relatively good condition, a roof coating can add decades to its life, saving you from a messy and costly re-roofing project.

5) It’s a green option.

If being environmentally conscious is part of your company mission, roof coatings fulfill that need in multiple ways, reducing your carbon footprint, and helping you keep tons of waste out of the landfill by opting to restore rather than replace your roof. 

Premium Roof Coating Products For Building Owners In Ohio

At E&E Construction Company, we pride ourselves on using the best industry has to offer.  That is why we use high-quality roof coatings manufactured by Conklin Roofing Systems. Conklin’s premium coatings are designed to solve the roofing problems that most commonly afflict a variety of commercial roofs:

  • Leaking seams
  • Membrane deterioration
  • Holes, tears, low spots
  • Damaged fasteners
  • Corrosion and rust
  • And much more

Here are just a few of the advantages that come with a Conklin roofing system, specifically:

  • Non-prorated, full-coverage warranties
  • Major code approvals
  • Can be installed in all climates across the United States
  • Reflects up to 85 percent of the sun’s rays
  • Reduces surface temperature of your roof, helping reduce utility costs by 30-50%
  • Highly resistant to wind, hail, and other damaging natural elements

Ohio’s Roof Coating Experts

If you’re looking for high-quality commercial roofing services, look no further than E&E Construction. We strive for the best in everything we do – the best workmanship, the best products and materials, and the best customer care.

Call us today at (740) 331-0695 and experience the best Ohio has to offer!