Preventative Maintenance Program

A preventative Roof Maintenance Program can extend the life of your roof. It is a professional upkeep program that can help prevent and eliminate premature roof damage, therefore extending the life of your roof.

What Is Covered Under Your Preventative Maintenance Program?

Two yearly inspections scheduled in the spring and the fall:
E & E Construction will come inspect your roof in the spring to make sure that it fared well throughout the winter, as well as in the fall to ensure that it is water tight and ready to withstand those cold and wet winter days.

Comprehensive roof report after each inspection:
Understanding what is going on with your roof to help with future budgeting is important and with our comprehensive roof report, it will be easy to track potential problem areas. Our report will offer suggestions on what needs to be done immediately, and what could become an issue in the future if not resolved.

Roofing Cleanup:
Time and again, we see encounter clogged gutters and drains that lead to ponding water. When water begins to hold on your roof, it breaks down seams and sealants which will lead to major leaks. With your Preventative Maintenance Program, we will remove loose debris from the roof such as broken limbs and leaves.

Inspection of all roofing aspects:
When we inspect your roof, we will do it thoroughly to make sure that we will spot everything. From curb work to skylights and everything in between. If you have deteriorated metal work or membrane, we will locate the area and report it back to you in our comprehensive report.

5% Discount on work done to any roof under our Preventative Maintenance Program:
If any issues are found, we can complete any necessary work that you approve. Under your Preventative Maintenance Program, a discount will be offered, be it on a roof replacement or a small repair.

Referral Bonus:
We know that you are going to be thrilled with your Preventative Maintenance Program, and that everyone else will be too. We proudly offer referral bonuses upon signed contracts.

Program Lengths Offered:

A. 1 Year Agreement (up to 50K sq. ft.) $ 750
B. 2 Year Agreement (up to 50K sq. ft.) $ 1300
C. 3 Year Agreement (up to 50K sq. ft.) $ 1900