Flat Roof Replacement Newark, Ohio

Flat roof replacement should be a once in a lifetime endeavor. Flat roofs are known for their longevity and durability but if you find yourself facing flat roof replacement in Newark, Ohio, choosing a quality roofing system like Conklin will ensure that your once in a lifetime decision is the right one. If you need flat roof replacement today, you can call E & E Construction at 740-331-0695.

What To Look For In A Commercial Roof

Getting a quality commercial roof is simple when you know what to look for. There are four key elements that will determine whether your roof is a roof that will last a lifetime or not.

  1. Proven Quality – When choosing a flat roof replacement in Newark, Ohio, look for a company that installs quality roofing systems like Conklin. Conklin roofing systems have a 40 year proven track record of quality and reliability. Your roofing system will be strong, durable, and will have been installed on billions of square feet of roofs nationwide.
  2. Energy Savings – Energy-efficiency is not something that you should compromise on, and your roofing system should provide you with drastically upgraded energy-efficiency. You can expect a savings of up to 30% on your energy bills from your flat roof replacement.
  3. An Outstanding Warranty – Your flat roof replacement should come with an outstanding warranty. If the warranty is from a reputable company, they will offer you a warranty that fully covers materials and labor costs. Ask about the warranty, and if it is less than a full-coverage warranty, you are not getting the best roof replacement.
  4. Expert Installation -With 10 years experience replacing commercial flat roofs, E & E Construction has the skill, the training, and the reputation that will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Our roofers are trained and certified in the installation process of Conklin Roofing Systems, and we stay up-to-date on all of the most innovative roofing techniques.

E & E Construction is accredited with the BBB, and we put our customers above everything else. So if you want a roof replacement that is high-quality, with an outstanding warranty, and also provides you with exceptional energy saving, call E & E Construction today at 740-331-0695 to schedule your free roofing assessment.