Flat Roof Replacement Chillicothe, OH

The necessity for flat roof replacements can cause stress to a building owner. However, E&E Construction makes this as stress-free as much as we can for customers in Chillicothe, Ohio. With over a decade of roofing experience, you can expect the highest quality workmanship and proficient treatment from the beginning to end. For a free estimate on replacing your roof, contact us at (740)-331-0695.

When do I Know It’s Time to Replace?

Deciding when to get your flat roof replaced is a very important decision. If you replace too early, you won’t get your moneys worth from your old roof. If you replace too late, your building could be facing structural damage or damage to the inside of your building. E&E Construction will stop by and inspect your roof for free and we will then meet with you and tell you what we think the best service for you is.

A flat roof should usually be replaced when there is noticeable damage across a large surface of your roof, when more than 1/3 of your roof needs repairing, or if your roof is approaching the end of its recommended lifespan. Sometimes, a flat roof is worth replacing when your utility bills continue to increase or when it needs to be repaired often.

Roof Restoration

With all that being said, the honest truth is that prematurely replaced commercial roofs happen often. This is because there are many effective restoration services that can help your roof to get back to when it was new for a fraction of the cost of fully replacing your roof By restoring your roof, you will save money since you will be getting a lot more out of your existing roofs material that was previously installed.

At E&E Construction, our roofers are experts of applying roof coatings. A coating will restore your roofs condition because the seamless, lightweight membrane is water-proofed. This same membrane reflects the suns rays which can help your building be more energy-efficient.

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When you know you have to replace, E&E Construction is the best option. To gain more knowledge about our company, call us today at (740)-331-0695.