Flat Roof Replacement Charleston, OH

E&E Construction is a commercial roofing company that helps the people of Charleston, OH get more years out of their commercial roofs. Hiring the right team to install a new flat roof is crucial. For a free estimate on a flat roof replacement, call us today at (740) 331-0695.

Years Of Commercial Roofing Experience

The commercial roofing specialists at E&E Construction bring the knowledge that they have accumulated through years of experience to each project. Our roofers are licensed, insured, and have very high standards for craftsmanship. This leads to optimal results and plenty of satisfied clients!

Our Flat Roof Replacements

As a company that has been taking on all sorts of commercial roofing projects for well over a decade, we have seen it all! We’re accustomed to working on many kinds of flat roofs. Our company is the best option around when you need a flat roof replacement. We recognize that mistakes during the installation process can cause years of time-consuming and costly issues. That’s why we only employ the best and make sure that everything is done correctly.

Roof Coatings

A roof coating is a great option for many flat roofs. It all depends on the condition of your roof. If we feel that your flat roof does not necessarily need to be replaced just yet, and think that a roof coating would effectively restore its condition, we can give you a free estimate. On top of stopping roof leaks and enabling your flat roof to stick around for significantly longer, a roof coating will improve the energy-efficiency of your commercial building.

Exceptional Prices

When it comes to large-scale projects like a flat roof replacement, many people are understandably concerned with how much it will cost. With E&E Construction, clients receive top quality commercial roofing services at great prices. Just call us for a free estimate!

Call Us Today!

Getting a new flat roof that will last decades is no problem when you choose E&E Construction. We offer a complete list of commercial roofing services to the people of Charleston, OH. For a flat roof replacement, roof coating, and more, you can reach us at (740) 331-0695.