Flat Roof Repair Oxford, OH

Are you beginning to notice leaks in your flat roof once heavy rain comes into town? Perhaps you have started to see ponding water on your flat roof a few days after it rained. If so, you should call the flat roof repair experts at E&E Construction. You can contact our office at (740)-331-0695. We provide you with free estimates, so when talking to us feel free to ask for one when you are seeing signs of trouble. Our team of highly trained roofing professionals will inspect your flat roof and figure out what the best repair option is for your roof.

Why You Should Repair Your Roof Quickly

If you are seeing some discoloration on your roof, or any other signs of worry including pooling water, cracking in your flat roofs membrane, or ponding water, it is wise to contact a commercial roofing company like E&E Construction as soon as you can. You might be thinking that a tiny leak isn’t going to do much damage, but you would be wrong. Any part of your roof that lets in water could possibly cause a lot of damage to the structure of your building, even if you can’t see it. By the time leaks evolve into something concerning, a lengthy repair process or a replacement may be in your future. We encourage every property manager and business owner in Oxford, OH to contact us as soon as possible.

Common Problems With Flat Roofs

If you are questioning whether you want an expert to look at your roof, we have a list of a few things you should look out for. If you are noticing any of the following, give us a call at (740)-331-0695.

  • Ponding Water: Water that has stayed on your roofs surface for 48 hours after it had rained
  • Pooling Water: Water that is being trapped under your roofs membrane
  • Roofing membrane is elevated at the seams
  • Loose flashing
  • Blister, punctures, cracks
  • Recurring leaks that are not going away

To schedule a flat roof repair estimate for your building located in Oxford, OH give us a call at (740)-331-0695.