Flat Roof Repair Kettering, OH

Flat roof issues can be tricky to solve. However, choosing the right roofing company for the project will result in desired results. E&E Construction offers a full list of flat roof services to those in Kettering, OH. To get a flat roof repair or any other sort of solution, call us at (740)331-0695.

Roof Inspections

You never know how much time and money a roof inspection can wind up saving you. Many major roof problems can begin to form under the radar. If it goes undetected for too long, the repair project might be massive. It’s way better to address problems early on before they can develop into something more substantial.

Our team uses only the best roofing products to ensure long term protection. Our craftsmen have shown that they have what it takes to solve any kind of flat roof issue. Setting up roof inspections from our experienced team on a regular basis will pay off! Our team will maintain your roof and enable it to last substantially longer.

Roof Repairs

Whether it’s seam separation, ponding water, a roof tear, or some other kind of problem, the seasoned roofers at E&E Construction have the solutions. We have been affordably and effectively repairing commercial roofs in the state of Indiana for a long time now. Of course, sometimes a roof is no longer worth attempting to repair, in which case we can give you a quote on a roof replacement!

Flat Roof Coatings

At E&E Construction, we tend to find ways to help a roof last longer, rather than immediately recommending a roof replacement. Roof restoration is often a great way to get more valuable years out of a flat roof. Our ENERGY STAR® rated roof coatings will keep your flat roof free from leaks for a long time!

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Finding a team that you can count on for quality flat roof repair services can save a business owner a lot of energy and money! E&E Construction has an experienced team of commercial roofers who are dedicated to providing top notch roofing services to clients in Kettering, OH. Call (740)331-0695 to get your flat roof back to its former condition!