Flat Roof Repair Indianapolis, IN

Finding flat roof professionals that you can rely on for top quality flat roof repairs and maintenance will help your commercial roof last significantly longer! E&E Construction has many years of experience with several different types of flat roofs. Call our team at (740) 331-0695 to set up a flat roof repair that will get your roof back on track!

Free Roof Inspections

Many roofs go years without getting a roof inspection. The problem is, even when a roof does not appear to be leaking, issues can still be developing. E&E Construction can keep your roof in excellent condition with routine roof inspections. We offer them free of charge, so reach out to us today to set one up!

Regular roof inspections go a long way towards prolonging the life of a roof. Our team approaches each roof differently, depending on its unique needs. We tailor our solutions to address these needs and offer top quality roof maintenance services!

Flat Roof Coatings

When is the last time your flat roof was restored? E&E Construction has had excellent success restoring commercial flat roofs. Our team applies roof coatings to reinforce flat roofs. This thin membrane is easy to apply and extremely effective at preventing flat roof issues. Plus, our ENERGY STAR® rated products will help you save big on energy costs!

About Our Team

For well over 10 years now, E&E Construction has been helping the people of Indiana with all of their commercial roofing needs. Our roofing technicians have tackled a great variety of challenging commercial roof issues. We make it possible for people to get premium roofing services at excellent prices! Our high-level customer service, safety compliance, and transparency means each project we work on is completed according to plan!

Call Us Today!

Getting in touch with a commercial roofing company that you can count on to take care of your roof will pay off for decades. E&E Construction has proven to be this type of company for the people of Indianapolis, IN. When your commercial building needs a flat roof repair, roof restoration, or any other type of solution, call us today at (740) 331-0695.