Commercial Roofing Services – Middletown, OH

Having commercial roofing services and repairs completed on the regular is an easy way to keep yourself worry free about your roof while knowing it will be able to stay in peak performing condition throughout its’ life. The professional roofing contractors at E&E Construction bring building owners and property managers throughout Middletown, OH and the surrounding areas a complete list of roofing services and solutions and we know how to appropriately handle all types of commercial roofing systems to ensure yours get the specific care it requires. Whatever type of roof you have atop your building, you can trust in our team to get it taken care of properly! Give us a call today at (740) 331 – 0695 and we’ll make sure you have a roof you can rely on all season long.

New Roofs and Replacements

Let’s start with the biggest ones, new roof installations and roof replacements are a major undertaking and at E&E Construction, we’ll make sure yours is done flawlessly every step of the way. The installation of a roof is the first step in its’ long-term success so making sure you have a crew you can trust to handle yours is essential. Trust E&E Construction with all your roofing needs and know you’ll have a roof ready for anything!

Maintenance Plans

We offer roof maintenance plans to all our customers and they can be custom tailored to fit your needs perfectly. It doesn’t matter if we installed your roof or not, we’ll work with you to make sure it can get the services it requires at the right times so that you can always have a roof in prime condition. With regular inspections and service being completed, you can rest easy knowing your roof is always being taken care of.

Reach Out Today

When the time has come for commercial roofing services or repairs to be completed on your building in Middletown, OH, don’t let it bother you! Call E&E Construction and know your roof is being handled properly. Our team does it right and we’ll make sure your roof is ready to last! Reach out today at (740) 331 – 0695, we’re ready to handle all your roofing needs with ease!