Commercial Roofing Services – Kettering, OH

Having any necessary commercial roofing services completed on your building before winter is ideal, especially here in the Kettering, OH area. Winter isn’t far off and that means your roof needs to be ready to keep things dry and protected all season long and when you trust your roof to E&E Construction, we’ll make sure you have a reliable roof you can count on. Our professional roofing contractors handle all sizes and types of roof with ease and we’ll make sure your roof gets the specific care it requires to last. Reach out today at (740) 331 – 0695, we offer no cost inspections, and we’ll make sure you have a roof you can trust in once again.

Why Wait?

At E&E Construction, we offer free roof inspections because we know how valuable it is to know the condition of your building’s roof. Keeping your roof inspected regularly ensures no issues will have the chance to grow out of control costing you more money and hassle. We’re here to keep your roof in peak performing condition while keeping your costs to a minimum as well, so why wait? Call our office today and get your roof scheduled for an inspection with our knowledgeable professionals!


When you call on us for any of your roofing needs, no matter the size or complexity of your roof or the services it needs, you can be sure it will be our experts getting things taken care of every step of the way. If it involves roofing, we won’t refer you to another company, we do it all and we’ll make sure your roof gets what it needs to keep you protected with confidence. As a full-service roofing company, our list of roofing services is vast, and our roofers are trained in all types of roofing systems.

Call Today

When you need commercial roofing services you can trust to last, call E&E Construction. Our full list of services is available for all types of roofs throughout Kettering, OH. We strive to help your roof succeed and we’re sure our roofing services and solutions will help make that happen! Give us a call today at (740) 331 – 0695.