Commercial Roofing Services Indianapolis, IN

Need a quality commercial roofing company for a project in Indianapolis, IN? E&E Construction has long been counted on for exceptional craftsmanship and honest communication. To get your roof back to top form, just call us today at (740)331-0695.

Roof Leak Detection

At E&E Construction, we want to make sure that our roofing solutions address all roof issues. That’s why we begin each project with a free roof inspection and thorough roof leak detection. After we have figured out what is going wrong on a commercial roof, our experienced roofing technicians will be able to find the best route to getting that roof back to peak condition.

Roof Repairs

There are so many different things that can go wrong on a commercial roof. Whether your roof’s problems are caused by poor craftsmanship, bad weather, old roofing materials, or some kind of combination of these things, the team at E&E Construction is ready to help. We have successfully repaired a variety of commercial roof types and are confident that we can fix yours, too!

Roof Coatings

As a roof gets older, you may begin to feel as though a roof replacement is right around the corner. However, with roof restoration from the experienced team at E&E Construction, your roof can be given a second life. In fact, a roof coating may be able to add to the lifespan of your commercial roof by 10+ years.

Roof Replacements

If your commercial building needs a new roof, E&E Construction is the type of company you can trust for a project of this magnitude. Obviously, it’s critical that the roofing specialists performing a roof replacement really know what they are doing. Here at E&E Construction, everyone on our team has substantial commercial roofing experience. We have an extensive history of successful roof replacements!

Call Us Today!

Extending the life of a roof is an easy task for the experienced team at E&E Construction. This is what we do! We offer an array of commercial roofing services. We’ll start by inspecting your roof, and then can give you an estimate on the project. Find out more by giving us a call today at (740)331-0695!