Commercial Roofing Services Chillicothe, OH

E&E Construction offers a range of high-quality commercial roofing services to clients in Chillicothe, OH. Getting a free onsite estimate from us is easy. Just give us a call today at (740) 331-0695 to find out more about our services.

Why E&E Construction?

After we have a thorough assessment of your roof in the books, we can get you a free quote on whichever roofing service your roof requires. Regardless of the kind of roof it is, the talented roofing technicians at E&E Construction are prepared to repair, restore, or replace it. Even if contractors before us have failed to find legitimate solutions, clients have become accustomed to us solving roof problems in the most affordable and efficient manner. Many people replace their roof too early simply because they hired the wrong company to inspect/repair their roof!

Our Services

We aren’t choosey when it comes to the roofing jobs that we take on. You can count on our guys to first understand exactly what’s going on with your roof by giving it a thorough roof inspection. From there, we can find the best solutions after identifying your roof’s issues.

If your roof is leaking, our experts in roof leak detection will locate where the problem is. We can then get your roof the repairs and maintenance it requires. As a company that has been in this business for over a decade now, we have experience repairing all types of commercial roofs.

We often fix up a roof by restoring it with a roof coating. This gives a number of benefits to a roof because the seamless coating protects it from developing new leaks. With a roof coating, your roof should be good to go for an extra 10+ years.

Call Us Today!

Just because we haven’t mentioned it here doesn’t mean that we don’t offer it! Call E&E Construction at (740) 331-0695 today to talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives. E&E Construction is one of the Northeast’s most regarded and established commercial roofing companies. We reliably offer quality workmanship, great prices, and roofing advice that has your best interests in mind. We’re happy to take on new jobs in Chillicothe, OH.