Commercial Roofing Contractor Chillicothe, OH

E&E Construction is a full-service commercial roofing contractor providing services for customers located in Chillicothe, Ohio. Our clients are glad to have us on hand any time they need a trustworthy company to work on their commercial roof. To get a free estimate on your commercial roof, call us today at (740)-331-0695.

Roof Inspections

At E&E Construction, we help our customers save money with in-depth roof inspections. Our trained professionals will find any problem in your commercial roof and fix them before they end up causing your company a lot of money. Regular roof inspections will give us the chance to recommend services for your roof and as a result your companies roof will last longer and your building will be protected from any unknown water damage.

Planning Maintenance For Your Roof

When you choose to hire E&E Construction, you can expect our team to find the best solution for your roof. We can make custom maintenance plans that are tailored to benefit your specific roof. The maintenance plans that we create will easily help your roof last decades longer.

Roof Restoration

At E&E Construction, we always want to provide our customers with roofing solutions that are reasonably priced, long-lasing, and effective. The roof coatings we provide seal your roof so that it is waterproof for decades. This is a very affordable roofing solution that will prevent you from having to fully replace your roof.

Full Roof Replacement

When it isn’t worth trying to repair or restore your old roof, E&E Construction gives you the option of fully replacing your roof at reasonable prices. Our roofing specialists are highly trained. You can expect your new roof to be flawlessly installed by a team full of highly trained professionals.

Eco Friendly Solutions

The team at E&E Construction have many years of experience working on commercial roofs. We provide many eco friendly roofing solutions that can cut down your building’s energy bills. These solutions end up paying themselves off with what you will save on bills.

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To gain more knowledge about our company, contact us today at (740)-331-0695. We are know for being a very trustworthy commercial roofing company with a solid blend of quality craftsmanship and great customer care.