Commercial Roofing Companies Westerville, OH

There are many commercial roofing companies out there, but few of them can offer what the team at E&E Construction offers. We bring first class roofing services at great prices to the people of Westerville, OH. Get a free estimate on your roof by giving us a call today at (740) 331 – 0695.

Free Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are extremely important for anyone looking to get the most out of their commercial roof. Generally speaking, two roof inspections per year is enough to make a major difference. This service isn’t only for when a roof has a noticeable problem. They are also for preventing roof problems, and catching underlying issues before they become real problems.

Our Craftsmanship

When it comes down to it, you only want to hire roofing companies who are known for having first class craftsmen. Our roofers are experienced and take every project seriously. We’re careful that the roofs that we work on receive the best services around. This will lead to longer lasting commercial roofs as well as significant savings!

For the last 10+ years, E&E Construction has been building an exceptional reputation in the state of Ohio. Our versatile team of roofing specialists are confident in their ability to handle any kind of roofing project. We’re proud to maintain a spotless safety record!

Increase Your Building’s Energy Efficiency!

There are many ways in which a roof can improve the overall energy efficiency of your building. This isn’t just about insulation — it also has a lot to do with the reflectivity of your roof. Here at E&E Construction, we are always looking to improve the energy efficiency of our clients’ roofs with green roofing solutions. This may be installing a better roof or applying a reflective roof coating to your existing roof. Either way, the years of significant savings on energy costs will be well worth the investment!

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For expert roofing assistance, the people of Westerville, OH can put their trust in the team at E&E Construction. We’re one of the top commercial roofing companies in the state. To get your roof what it needs, call us today at (740) 331 – 0695.