Commercial Roofing Companies, Newark, Ohio

Since 2007, E&E Construction Company has been a reliable provider of fast, effective, affordable solutions for all roof types throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana. As the leading roof professionals in Newark, Ohio, E&E handles all types of commercial roof repairs – from storm damage to restoration and replacement.

If you are looking for a quality-driven and experienced roofing company for your next project, call E&E Construction Company today at (740) 331-0695.

Why Choose E&E Construction?

1) We speak your language.

It’s no secret that commercial roofing is drastically different from residential roofing. At E&E, we specialize in roofing solutions for commercial and industrial facilities. We understand the complexities of repairing and installing commercial roofs – from the intricacies of permitting to the care that must be taken to cause minimal disruption to daily business operations.

Whatever the need, E&E is the roofing contractor of choice for your commercial roofing essentials.

2) We use premium materials and products. 

E&E Construction Company has partnered with nationally acclaimed manufacturer Conklin to bring you only the best in commercial roofing products. Recognized as an industry leader for more than four decades now, highly praised Conklin roofing systems come with an abundance of benefits:

  • Superior protection – Studies show that Conklin roofing systems meet or exceed the highest industry standards.
  • Proven track record – In the last 40 years, Conklin products have been applied to more than 2 billion square feet of commercial roofing.
  • Longevity – Many roof systems installed by Conklin in the 1970s are still going strong.
  • Functional design – Conklin roof systems are seamless, meaning less chance of leaks.
  • Cost effective – When you compare the cost of restoring a roof with a Conklin system to the cost of replacing a roof, you can save tens of thousands of dollars. Did we mention it’s low maintenance, too?
  • Lightweight – Conklin’s roof coatings are lightweight, eliminating the need to reinforce your existing roof’s structure.
  • Tax benefits – Conklin’s white roofing systems are recognized by the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program and may qualify for rebates.
  • Energy savings – Studies show a decrease in utility bills by 30-50% with the installation of one of Conklin’s new “cool” roofs. They can reduce your roof surface temperature by up to 80°F. That also means a lower load on your HVAC equipment.
  • Sturdy – Conklin roofing systems are resistant to hail, wind, UV rays, and much more.
  • Certified – Conklin systems are certified by leading organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM).

3) Our company is full of highly trained, skilled technicians.

As a member of Choice Roof Contractor Group, E&E Construction Company makes sure every one of our technicians is factor-trained by the Conklin group. Whether your roof needs a difficult patch job or a complete roof restoration, you can be assured our employees have been trained to install that product specifically and precisely.

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