Flat Roof Replacement Grove City, OH

When you need a new flat roof, it makes sense to make sure that it gets installed flawlessly. E&E Construction can help you with a flat roof replacement in Grove City, OH. We’ll make sure that your old flat roof is completely disposed of and that your new flat roof is set up perfectly. For a free quote on a flat roof replacement, you can reach us today at (740) 331-0695.

Does Your Flat Roof Need Replacing?

If you are unsure whether your flat roof really needs to be replaced, call E&E Construction for a roof inspection. In many cases, we can save clients a great deal of money by restoring their flat roofs with roof coatings. This puts off the need for a flat roof replacement for many years.

Roof coatings are highly effective on many types of flat roofs. Not only does the waterproof membrane stop your flat roof from leaking, but it also reflects sunlight which will lower your energy costs significantly. The roofers at E&E Construction are roof restoration experts so don’t assume that your flat roof needs replacing just yet.

Low Prices!

Eventually, a flat roof is better off being stripped off and replaced with a new roof. While roof coatings and roof maintenance can add many more years to your roof, there comes a time when a flat roof is no longer worth attempting to fix. When this time comes, E&E Construction can replace your flat roof at a great price.

We help clients across Ohio with all sorts of commercial roofing services. The exceptional workmanship from the roofers at E&E Construction is what makes us great. Plus, our customer service is second to none. You can count on us for customized roofing solutions and roof maintenance programs.

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If you think your flat roof is in need of a flat roof replacement, you can trust the experienced team at E&E Construction to get it done right. For a free estimate on a new flat roof, give us a call today at (740) 331-0695. We do it all for the people of Grove City, OH who are in need of expert roofing assistance.

Single-Ply Roofing Grove City, OH

Single-ply roofing is used to protect a huge number of commercial buildings across North America. The single-ply roofing experts at E&E Construction provide roof repairs, restoration, and replacements to clients in Grove City, OH. You can speak with us today at (740) 331-0695 to learn more about our services.

Free Roof Inspections

In order to plan accordingly and go about fixing your roof in the best way possible, we’ll first want to give your roof a thorough inspection. You can use E&E Construction for routine roof inspections which will help your roof last for years longer. We’ll find any existing and developing problems and fix them while they are still small. Our roofers are all licensed, insured, and qualified to work on the several different types of commercial roofs.

About Single-Ply Roofing

Many kinds of commercial flat roofs fall into the single-ply roofing category. This includes EPDM, TPO, and PVC. Each type has its own advantages. At E&E Construction, we’d be happy to recommend a certain kind of single-ply roofing for your specific situation.

Single-ply roofing systems are known for their durability and cost-effectiveness. With over a decade of experience together as a team, E&E Construction has handled plenty of single-ply roofing projects over the years. Our roofing technicians can always be relied on for high-quality craftsmanship. If you hire us to repair, restore, or replace your roof, it will be in top condition for longer.

Roof Restoration

Single-ply roofing systems can be easily and effectively restored with a roof coating. At E&E Construction, we use roof coatings to save clients time and money on their roofs. Restoring your roof with a roof coating will mean no more leaks for years. It will also mean a much more energy-efficient building!

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The E&E Construction crew is prepared to help more people in Grove City, OH. We do it all when it comes to single-ply roofing. You can get a free onsite estimate on your roof by reaching out to us at (740) 331-0695. With E&E Construction, you can expect flawless craftsmanship as well as timely project completion.

Spray Foam Roofing Grove City, OH

There are a few materials that have changed the roofing game and there is no doubt that spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is one of them. Spray foam roofing provides a number of benefits for many types of commercial roofs. If you have a building in Grove City, OH that needs some roof work, E&E Construction is the roofing company for you. For a free estimate on spray foam roofing, give us a ring at (740) 331-0695.

Top Roofing Materials

At E&E Construction, we’re very particular about the types of roofing materials that we use. When it comes to spray foam roofing, we trust Conklin products. Conklin offers the most reliable roofing materials around. A SPF roofing system from Conklin comes with great advantages, including high-grade insulation.

The Benefits

Spray foam roofing is a great investment for many reasons. First of all, it helps to eliminate air infiltration which means a significantly more energy-efficient building. Spray foam roofing can quickly pay for itself from what you end up saving on energy costs alone. SPF has an extremely high insulation value of R-6 per inch.

Spray foam roofing reinforces your roof without adding a significant amount of weight to it. It can help correct many types of roof issues, including poor roof drainage. SPF is closed-cell insulation which means it won’t absorb water or excess moisture.

This kind of roofing solution can be applied to most flat roof surfaces. SPF is extremely durable and is made to withstand all types of poor weather. The roofing experts at E&E Construction have years of experience applying spray foam roofing to commercial roofs. As the years begin to wear on your building’s SPF, it can be easily applied again in the future.

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E&E Construction has the people of Grove City, OH covered when it comes to commercial roofing. Spray foam roofing is often the perfect solution. Not only does it reinforce your roof and further protect your building, but it also cuts down on energy costs significantly. To find out more about our services or to get a free estimate on your roof, contact us today at (740) 331-0695.

Commercial Roofing Services Grove City, OH

E&E Construction is a well-established commercial roofing company that the people of Grove City, OH can trust for high-quality work and honest roofing advice. We offer a full list of commercial roofing services and provide free project estimates. Whatever it is your roof may need, contact us today at (740) 331-0695 to get started.

Roof Inspections

Every job begins with a roof inspection. Although this is a fundamental service, it still takes a good amount of experience in the roofing industry to really know what to look for. The roofers at E&E Construction can be counted on for a thorough roof inspection. We’ll check your entire roof as well as the gutters, flashing, etc. With regular roof inspections from us, your roof will stay in great condition for much longer.

Roof Repairs

There are many different types of commercial roofing systems out there. As a company that specializes in commercial roofing, you can rest assured knowing that we are qualified to work on any type of roof that might be protecting your building. Our roof leak detection is extremely effective, and our repairs take care of the root of the issue so that you won’t need to worry about your roof leaking again for quite some time.

Roof Coatings

Although every roof has its day, everyone wants to put off a roof replacement for as long as possible. A roof coating is one of the best ways to get more years out of your commercial roof. We install roof coatings on most types of commercial roofs to restore the condition of the membrane.

Roof Replacements

Of course, when it comes time to get that new roof, E&E Construction won’t leave you hanging. We promise a competitive price on a roof replacement. With our team of proven roofing professionals, your new roof will be installed perfectly.

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Do you need roof work done for a building in Grove City, OH? If so, E&E Construction is the top option. We offer a variety of cost-effective commercial roofing services to our local clients. You can reach us today at (740) 331-0695 to get a free onsite estimate on your roof.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Grove City, OH

Are you in need of a reliable commercial roofing contractor for a job in Grove City, OH? When your roof has a problem, the team at E&E Construction has the answers. For high-quality roofing services at competitive prices, call us at (740) 331-0695.

About Our Company

E&E Construction has been satisfying clients across Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Kentucky for over 10 years now. We know how to customize roofing solutions and fit the budgets of those who hire us. E&E Construction uses top grade roofing products, including roof coatings that are Energy Star certified.

The craftsmen at E&E Construction have over a decade of commercial roofing experience with our company. However, many of our team members have several years of industry experience even before that. When it comes down to it, we know we can trust our guys to show up and put forth their best effort while paying close attention to the details. When you hire E&E Construction, you can anticipate flawless project results and a roof that is fit to last many years .

Our Services

As a full-service commercial roofing company, there’s nothing we can’t help you with. E&E Construction works on all sorts of commercial roofing systems. If your roof has a leak, you should reach out to us for a thorough roof inspection and roof leak detection. We can also check to see if your roof could use a roof coating, which can add over a decade more to your roof’s lifespan.

Should your roof require replacing, E&E Construction offers complete roof replacements at great prices. Our local clients can also hire us for routine roof inspections and customized roof maintenance plans. For a roof you can count on, go with E&E Construction.

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The commercial roofing contractor you choose can make a major difference. At E&E Construction, we have been saving clients a great deal of time and money on their roofs over the years. We’re easily the top option for the people of Grove City, OH. To schedule a roof inspection today and to learn more about our services, you can reach E&E Construction today at (740) 331-0695.

Flat Roof Repair Grove City, OH

If you’re in Grove City, OH, E&E Construction is your neighborhood’s top roofing company. Our experienced team of roofing specialists have been trained to handle all sorts of issues on commercial roofs. You can hire us for a flat roof repair, roof coating, roof replacement, and much more. While many roofing contractors leave clients hanging when they are in need of the little stuff, we’re happy to get your roof all of the inspections and maintenance it needs. To find out more, you can reach us at (740) 331-0695.

Our Repairs

Repairing a flat roof is really a two-step process. The first part of the process is diagnosing the problem. This could be a tear in the membrane, separation at the seams, etc. Whatever it may be, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

The second part of the process is the repair itself, which is often the less challenging part. With our team of experienced roofing specialists, we’re able to get clients long-lasting repairs in a timely and efficient way. If your flat roof is leaking, you may also want to consider restoring your roof.

The Benefits Of Restoring

E&E Construction can restore your flat roof with a simple roof coating. After we apply this lightweight layer, your flat roof will have added protection. This seamless membrane protects your roof from developing new leaks. Moreover, a roof coating defends your roof and building from damaging UV rays. In fact, its reflective surface can lead to significantly lower energy costs.

When you restore your flat roof, you can forget about replacing it for a long time afterwards. Given how costly roof replacements are, the longer your flat roof lasts you, the better. At E&E Construction, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what your flat roof needs, whether it be a repair, roof coating, or replacement.

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E&E Construction is the commercial roofing company that the people of Grove City, OH ought to hire. We’ll get your roof a flat roof repair soon after you call us at (740) 331-0695. We look forward to helping new clients save a lot of time, energy, and money on their roofs.

Commercial Roofing Services Chillicothe, OH

E&E Construction offers a range of high-quality commercial roofing services to clients in Chillicothe, OH. Getting a free onsite estimate from us is easy. Just give us a call today at (740) 331-0695 to find out more about our services.

Why E&E Construction?

After we have a thorough assessment of your roof in the books, we can get you a free quote on whichever roofing service your roof requires. Regardless of the kind of roof it is, the talented roofing technicians at E&E Construction are prepared to repair, restore, or replace it. Even if contractors before us have failed to find legitimate solutions, clients have become accustomed to us solving roof problems in the most affordable and efficient manner. Many people replace their roof too early simply because they hired the wrong company to inspect/repair their roof!

Our Services

We aren’t choosey when it comes to the roofing jobs that we take on. You can count on our guys to first understand exactly what’s going on with your roof by giving it a thorough roof inspection. From there, we can find the best solutions after identifying your roof’s issues.

If your roof is leaking, our experts in roof leak detection will locate where the problem is. We can then get your roof the repairs and maintenance it requires. As a company that has been in this business for over a decade now, we have experience repairing all types of commercial roofs.

We often fix up a roof by restoring it with a roof coating. This gives a number of benefits to a roof because the seamless coating protects it from developing new leaks. With a roof coating, your roof should be good to go for an extra 10+ years.

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Just because we haven’t mentioned it here doesn’t mean that we don’t offer it! Call E&E Construction at (740) 331-0695 today to talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives. E&E Construction is one of the Northeast’s most regarded and established commercial roofing companies. We reliably offer quality workmanship, great prices, and roofing advice that has your best interests in mind. We’re happy to take on new jobs in Chillicothe, OH.

Roof Coating Grove City, OH

If you’re in Grove City, OH, E&E Construction is the top choice when it comes to quality roof restoration. We will get your roof a seamless roof coating to protect it and improve its condition. For a free project quote, call our team today at (740) 331-0695.

Why E&E?

Do not let your roof just shrivel away with age. Hire us to maintain, restore, and repair your roof so that it stays intact for significantly longer. The longer your existing roof does the job proficiently when it comes to protecting your building and the possessions within, the better off you are. After all, paying for and waiting on a roof replacement is rightly unappealing to most people. E&E Construction will boost the life expectancy of your roof with ease because of our thorough inspections, professional restoration services, and effective repairs.

Our company has been together as one for over a decade now. However, our roofing experts have a lot more experience than that under their belts. We take on roofing projects of all types for both commercial and industrial customers.

Our Roof Coatings

E&E Construction uses ENERGY STAR® roofing products courtesy of Conklin, one of America’s leading distributors. With these high-quality materials and our professionally trained roofers to apply them, your roof is getting the best help around. A roof coating from E&E Construction can extend the life of your roof by over a decade.

As alluded to above, our roof coatings will improve the energy-efficiency of your building just as well as it will prevent your roof from leaking. Roof coatings are also extremely lightweight. This is great because you won’t be adding too much extra weight to your roof and it also means that you can get a new roof coating years later when the first one begins to fade.

Call Us Today!

To find out more about how a roof coating can benefit your roof, give us a call at (740) 331-0695. E&E Construction is happy to provide you with a free project quote with no obligations attached. We’re truly the best option for anyone in Grove City, OH in need of a reliable commercial roofing company.

Commercial Roofing Companies Chillicothe, OH

Every city is going to have several commercial roofing companies that are looking to take on more jobs. However, the quality of work that these companies provide usually has high variance. E&E Construction has earned an excellent reputation in Chillicothe, OH with quality roofing services at reasonable prices. If you have any questions about our services, give us a call at (740) 331-0695.

High-Grade Materials

Just as the quality of roofing contractors vary greatly, so do roofing materials. There are tons of brands out there and many of them can not be trusted for long-term protection. We are very careful about the roofing products that we use and only go with proven brands like Conklin. This is just another way that we make sure clients get their full money’s worth when they hire us.

Conklin Roofing Systems are ENERGY STAR® rated, which means they have the added benefit of improving the energy-efficiency of your building. Anyone who pays for the energy that it takes to keep a commercial building cool in the hot summers knows just how great this is. A roof coating can reflect over 80% of UV rays!

More About Us

E&E Construction has been around for quite a few years now. We consistently bring a safe and careful approach to each project that we are hired for. The licensed and insured roofers at E&E Construction know how to properly tend to all types of commercial roofs.

Working with our team is made easy thanks to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service. We answer all of our clients’ questions honestly and directly so that everyone is on the same page. At E&E Construction, our team customizes roofing solutions for each new roof that we work on. With our careful attention to details and experienced craftsmen, you’ll be glad you chose us.

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Commercial roofing companies tend to come and go with the times. E&E Construction, on the other hand, plans to continue to work on roofs in Chillicothe, OH for many years to come. We’re looking to form more long-term business relationships with clients in this area. For a free estimate any type of roofing service, call us today at (740) 331-0695.

Roof Inspection Grove City, OH

When’s the last time you scheduled a roof inspection? This service is important to keep up with for any type of roof. E&E Construction offers free roof inspections to clients in Grove City, OH. Having your roof inspected from our experienced team on a regular basis will really pay off in the long run. To get started today, give us a call at (740) 331-0695.

About Our Company

Thanks to our loyal clients and consistent craftsmanship, we’ve been able to stay in business for quite some time now. Our experienced team has earned an excellent reputation across Ohio. With our vast knowledge of commercial roofs, we’re qualified to take on all types of new roofing projects.

At E&E Construction, we understand that your commercial roof is a valuable asset. That’s why our roofing specialists are very careful on every job to ensure that each project we tackle is completed free from any mistakes. When we are hired for a job, we want to provide long-lasting solutions because the future of that roof reflects the quality of our work.

Our Roof Inspections

The roof inspection is often where lesser roofing companies go wrong. Without an accurate understanding of where your roof is leaking, there is a little chance of fixing it properly. E&E Construction’s roof inspections are thorough. We make sure that we have pinpointed exactly where your roof is leaking so that our repairs can actually solve the problem rather than waste your time and money.

We don’t only check for leaks, we also try to prevent future issues. These potential problems include ponding water, seams that are starting to separate, loose flashing, and more. After we’ve taken a complete overview of your roof, we guarantee that we will be able to get it back on track in no time.

Call Us Today!

The crew E&E Construction looks forward to helping more clients in Grove City, OH. You can schedule a roof inspection by giving us a call at (740) 331-0695. With our roofing specialists keeping an eye on the condition of your roof, it will last significantly longer. We can also draw up a customized maintenance plan made specifically for your roof.